1998 News and Notes Archives

December 27, 1998
Al Clark to Start in Music City Bowl
Hokies are Hot About Next Year's UVa Game
The Other Thing About the ACC Schedules
Music City Bowl Preview and Prediction
Tech Notes

December 21, 1998
What's the Matter Here?
On the Bright Side
Tech Notes

December 16, 1998
Just Call Me T-Shirt Central
Project: Thank You -- Time to Do Your Part

December 14, 1998
Two Unexpectedly Close Basketball Games
Thank God for Nashville and the Music City Bowl

December 11, 1998
Big Hoops Day on Saturday
A Review of Alabama's Season
Tech Notes

December 8, 1998
Nova Hokie 95 Launches Project: Thank You
Music City Bowl T-shirts for Sale
A Sad But Necessary Development: HCMB Passwords No Longer Free

December 7, 1998
Can the Hokies Roll Over the Tide?

December 3, 1998
No Surprise Here: Beamer Staying
Corey Moore Named BE Defensive Player of the Year
About Those Recruits
Ticket Sales Going Well After One Day
The Amazing Bonnie

November 25, 1998
Beamer to Clemson or South Carolina? Possible, but not Likely
Speaking of Those Wahoos...
The Prediction

November 19, 1998
Hokie Women's Hoops Picking Up Where They Left Off
Emails About the Syracuse Game
Sorry, No Rutgers Preview

November 12, 1998
It's a Party at the Jiffy Pop Dome!

November 9, 1998
The Big East Race is Now Wide Open
Never Mind Temple ... What About Rutgers
Looking Down the Road
It's Hoops Time
The Women's Side of the Ledger

November 5, 1998
A Smattering of Subjects

October 30, 1998
UVa Player/GT Fan Incident: Where's the Press Coverage?

October 29, 1998
WVU Preview: One of My Favorite Games of the Year

October 27, 1998
N2VTFTBL Pitches In to Keep Me Sane

October 22, 1998
Greg Roberts Leaving Channel 10
Now That That's Over With...
CBS Won't Show Tech At All This Year

October 16, 1998
You Can Hoot All You Want: Temple's Going Down
It's All On Tape
A BC Poem

October 12, 1998
Hokies Climb in the Rankings
HokieCentral is SLOOOOW for Me Right Now

October 8, 1998
BC: Finally, It's Game Day
Stats and Strategies

October 6, 1998
Sorensen to Start Against Boston College
The Perils of Thursday Night
Tech Tidbits

October 1, 1998
Kenny Harrell Shoots His Way Off the Basketball Team
Shayne Graham: Homing in on Ryan Williams and Chris Kinzer
New HokieCentral Links

September 24, 1998
Here We Go Again?  Well, Yes ... and No
My Thoughts on the QB Position
Maybe I Do Know Something About Football ... Nah

September 17, 1998
A Look at the Upcoming Miami Game
Love That TV Money!
Honk, Honk!

September 11, 1998
Clemson is Upon Us
"Virginia Tech Insider" by Randy King

September 10, 1998
Houseright: to Redshirt or not to Redshirt?
Is Bryan Still Finally Hitting His Stride?
From the "Things You Should Know" Department
WVU Game Slated for Regional Broadcast
Turkey Bites

September 4, 1998
Sleeper Freshmen Get the Nod on Saturday
The Roanoke Times Football Preview Section Arrives
Turkey Bites

September 1, 1998
HokieCentral Tailgate '98 Plans in Place
Injury Update

August 28, 1998
Offense Shows Some Fire in Scrimmage
Turkey Bites

August 26, 1998
Anybody Here Remember a Kid Named Grant Noel?
Turkey Bites

August 24, 1998
Scrimmage Notes

August 21, 1998
Media Coverage: Time to Rant
Hokies Hold First Scrimmage: Jake is The Man

August 19, 1998
Good News All Around
Was the Offensive Line Really That Bad Last Year?

August 17, 1998
Druck Does What He Does Best: Wins
The NFL on CBS -- Good for the Big East?
Outback Picnic at the Cassell

August 14, 1998
More Media Day Notes
The Merryman Center: Oh My Lord!
Turkey Bites

August 13, 1998
Tech Holds Media Day: Clark Says He's 95%

August 11, 1998
Davis, Nelson, Hicks to Hargrave This Fall
Well, I'm Two-for-Two Now
Druck Does a Little Better Second Time Out
Turkey Bites

August 7, 1998
Smart, Talented Fullback (Angelo) Verbals to Hokies
Can You Feel the Love?
Turkey Bites

August 5, 1998
Hokies Picked (Gasp!) Fourth in the Big East
Hokies Get First Verbal (Witten) of New Recruiting Season
Restructuring of Athletic Department Almost Complete

August 3, 1998
Football is Almost Upon Us
Druck Gets Major Playing Time Against Patriots
Tidbits from the Message Board

July 31, 1998
Bradley Wins Ironman Competition -- Again
Stadium Expansion Follow-Up

July 29, 1998
Hokie Pro News
Yeah, Um ... Yawn
Turkey Bites

July 22, 1998
Season Ticket Sales Figures Released

July 20, 1998
Thundering Herd to Invade Blacksburg
Hokie Club Welcome Back Picnic Scheduled
VHSCA All Star Game Reports

July 17, 1998
East Beats West in VHSCA All Star Game
Some Good Tech Reading Shows Up On-Line
Stuff I've Heard

July 15, 1998
The Age of Plastic Finally Arrives at HokieCentral!

July 13, 1998
It's a Done Deal: Clemson Game Won't be on TV
Tech Professor Appears on A&E Biography

July 10, 1998
Your Favorite Hokie Athlete of All Time

July 8, 1998
The Latest Merryman Center Status
Hokie Licensing is Branching Out
New Information on TV Games

July 6, 1998
Weaver Names New Associate AD
VHSCA All Star Rosters
The Members Vote, and the Winner Is ...

July 3, 1998
Basketball Recruiting Rankings
More Track Kudos
More VT Stuff on Music Channels

July 1, 1998
Pile MVP of Chesapeake Classic All-Star Game
More Druck, and Some Dell
The Knee or Not the Knee ... That is the Question
Turkey Bites

June 29, 1998
Another Conference Realignment Article
So How's Druck?
Turkey Bites

June 26, 1998
Ollendick: Brains and Talent
Weaver is Shaking Things Up
Roscoe Coles Surfaces at Kecoughtan High

June 24, 1998
Hokies Hire New Assistant Coach for OL and TE
More Info on TV Broadcasts
The Final Lowdown on Football Recruit Status
Now Here's a Cool Link
One Man's Conference Musings

June 23, 1998
Jarvis Out, Penders in at George Washington
CBS Football Broadcast Schedule Released
A Brief "Real World" Update
New Format Coming Soon to HokieCentral

June 18, 1998
A Few Words About the Future Focus of News and Notes

June 15, 1998
Honk if You Love "Trained Geese"
VT Logo Shows Up on "The Real World"
Further Evidence That I'm Really Reaching for VT-Related Material

June 5, 1998
In Case You Missed It ... And Other Stuff

June 2, 1998
Something Big Is Just Around the Corner

May 29, 1998
Hokies, Hoos Will Play Two in Hoops, Including On-Campus

May 19, 1998
Time to Take a Break and Reload for Summer
"Football98" From the A-Line Hits the Web

May 15, 1998
Baseball Team Done for the Year
Strap on Your Hokie Helmet
Technically, Speaking

May 11, 1998
Jesus Rodriquez Arrested
Turkey Bites

May 6, 1998
Fallout From the Big East/Notre Dame Bowl Deal Continues

April 29, 1998
The Big East? I Want Out

April 19, 1998
Rain Dampens An Already Depressing Spring Game
Washington, DiNapoli, Oxendine, and Parker all Drafted
Tailgate Goes Off Without a Hitch

April 16, 1998
Site Restructuring Complete
Anyone Know What's Going on With Spring Football?
Tech Beats UVa in Baseball, 10-5
Reminder About the Spring Game Tailgate

April 9, 1998
Spring Football Notes
UVa Beats Tech in Baseball, 4-3
Grindstaff to Tennessee

April 6, 1998
Defense Dominates Spring Football Scrimmage

April 3, 1998
Spring Football Notes
Turkey Bites

March 30, 1998
Spring Football is in Full Swing
Turkey Bites

March 26, 1998
A Bad Day: Grindstaff is Leaving

March 19, 1998
Putting the ECU Rumor to Rest

March 17, 1998
Hokie Women Pounded by Florida, 89-57
Members Only Web Site Launched

March 15, 1998
Hokie Women Do Tech Proud: VT 75, Wisconsin 64

March 9, 1998
NCAA Pairings Announced

March 6, 1998
Everybody Loves a Winner
Spring Sport Domination
Al Clark: the Knee Injury That Won't Go Away

March 2, 1998
Women's Team Wins 20th, Advances to A-10 Finals
Tech Men to Play UMass, Not St. Bonaventure
Niners Sign Detmer to "Back Up Steve Young"
I Swear, There Will be a Members Only Web Site!

February 23, 1998
This Week is a Big One in Hokie Hoops
Grimes Out, Stinespring Up
Hokies Still Recruiting for Men's Hoops
Baseball Off to Good Start

February 16, 1998
Update on 1998 Membership Status

February 10, 1998
Recruiting Roundup, Continued

February 10, 1998
Hokie Hotline Notes

February 9, 1998
Recruiting Roundup at Greg Roberts Sports Club

February 4, 1998
National Signing Day Dawns
Highlights of Jim Weaver's Speech in Lynchburg
Turkey Bites

January 27, 1998
Recruiting in High Gear; Vick, Suggs to Announce Today
Facts and Rumors

January 23, 1998
Another Recruit Backs Out of (Ahem) a "Commitment"

January 8, 1998
Hoops Notes
Info for Members
Businesses Take Note: HokieCentral Accepting Sponsorships

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