1999 News and Notes Archives

December 31, 1999
Enough, Already
Injuries Hit Hokies
Ike on the Bubble
Locking Up Foster
Tech Bytes

December 20, 1999
Talking the Talk
Roanoke Times Coverage: My, How Times Have Changed!
Schedule Updates, and an Impressive Side Note
Tech Bytes -- Basketball and PTY2

December 13, 1999
Michael's Excellent Adventure
1999 Football Highlight Tape Review
Tech Bytes

December 9, 1999
Corey Moore Wins Lombardi
Tech Bytes

December 6, 1999
Brace Yourself, Here it Comes
Men's Hoops Much Improved

December 1, 1999
Scheduling for Success
In Case You Missed It

October 19, 1999
Hokies Still #4, But Gaining Ground
ESPN Loves the Hokies; Tech/Pitt to be Shown on ESPN2

October 14, 1999
Michael Vick: Just a Few Throws Away from Being the Best
ESPN GameDay Info
Tech Notes

October 12, 1999
The Big Time Continues to Hit Virginia Tech
Third Annual HC Tailgate Planned for Saturday

October 7, 1999
Big Changes at HokieCentral ... Including New Message Boards

October 6, 1999
Terms of Tech's Big East Deal Announced
Rutgers TV Brouhaha
HokieCentral Tailgate Planned for Syracuse Game

September 27, 1999
All Kinds of Rankings
More About Moore
Hokies Officially Left Alone to Carry Big East Banner
Miami and the ACC

September 20, 1999
Hokies Reach Highest Ranking Ever
Dark Day for the Big East
Time for the Hokies to Carry the Load
Two New Columnists Debut

September 16, 1999
Tickets Available for Clemson
The New (and Constantly Changing) Lane Stadium
Defense Picking Up Where it Left Off

September 7, 1999
Druckenmiller Traded to Miami
Will Wonders Never Cease
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Tickets

August 30, 1999
I've Got Good News and Good News
Is Beamer Ball Going Nationwide?
Meanwhile, in Happy Valley...
CBS TV: And So It Begins
TV and Radio Shows Underway

August 27, 1999
All Eyes Are On the Hokies
Big Brothers/Big Sisters Ticket Donation Set Up

August 25, 1999
Tech to Join Big East in 2001-2002

August 23, 1999
A Sprinter's Speed: Only One Part of the Equation
Offense Has Its Day

August 20, 1999
Holy Smokes! Temple, Rutgers Games to be Televised
Tech Notes

August 18, 1999
Hokies Close Practices
Get Ready for Some Nasty Game-Day Traffic
Follow-up on Anthony Nelson

August 16, 1999
Hey, What's Up With the Media?
Anthony Nelson Goes Home
TV Game Times Firmed Up
Tech Notes

August 13, 1999
John Engelberger: Still Violent, but Not So Silent Anymore
The True Freshmen
Tech Tackles
Kudos to the Hokie Club and Hokie Fans Everywhere

August 2, 1999
Jim Weaver and the Big East: Poker, Anyone?

July 30, 1999
Hokies Picked Second Behind Canes

July 26, 1999
Tech to Endow Hampton Scholarship
"HokiefromWV" Brings "VT Hokie News" to HokieCentral
Learning to Keep My Mouth Shut ... I Hope
Tech Notes

July 23, 1999
Druckenmiller Acquitted of Rape

July 21, 1999
In Memory of Marques Hampton
Big East to Announce Tie-In With Music City Bowl

July 19, 1999
All's Quiet in the ACC
Tech and the Big East
Speaking of Football...

July 12, 1999
Trying to Figure Out the TV Games
Tech Notes

July 6, 1999
The BCS's New "Big East Rule"
Another BCS Rule Change

July 2, 1999
Lucas Gets Drafted
Tech Notes

June 30, 1999
More Thoughts on the Big East "Proposal"

June 25, 1999
The Big East Makes Its Move, and Tech Mulls it Over
Meanwhile, the Miami-to-the-ACC Thing Won't Die

June 24, 1999
Is Today the Day for Big East Membership?

June 23, 1999
A New HokieCentral Home Page

June 21, 1999
Miami to the ACC? A Case of Hit and Run
Lane Stadium T-shirts Will Ship Today

June 14, 1999
Summer of the Dream Weaver
Thinking HC Membership? Jump on In!

June 10, 1999
Updates on All Kinds of Good Stuff
Kendrick Charged with Marijuana Possession

June 8, 1999
Crunching the Numbers on Big East Membership
Money Survey Going Well

June 1, 1999
Baseball Goes 1-2 in NCAA Tournament
Tech Notes and HokieCentral Notes

May 28, 1999
Big East AD's Give Hokies Their Stamp of Approval

May 27, 1999
Big East News
Tech Notes

May 25, 1999
NCAA Baseball Tournament Pairings Announced

May 24, 1999
Baseball Team Headed to the NCAA's
Tech Notes and HokieCentral Notes

May 20, 1999
Tennis and Baseball Ready to Tangle
Tech Notes and HokieCentral Notes

May 17, 1999
Men's Tennis: Good News. Softball: Bad News
Hot Baseball Team Gets Ready for A-10 Tournament
A Guy to Like

May 14, 1999
Football Schedule Additions Announced in Hokie Huddler
A Heavy Discussion About the Message Board
Tech Notes

May 10, 1999
Softball Falls; Done for the Year?
Ferguson's Hole Gets Deeper
An Optimistic Look at Tech's Big East Chances

May 6, 1999
Lorenzo Ferguson Arrested, Suspended
No News on Big East Membership

May 3, 1999
Softball Falls to UMass
No Such Roadblocks in Other Non-Revs
Tech Notes

April 30, 1999
Softball and the Big Picture
Season Ticket Costs
Home Page Undergoing a Revamp
Druckenmiller Trial Set for July

April 27, 1999
Tech Teams Dominate Spring Sports Again
Druck in Trouble
Tech Notes

April 22, 1999
Build It, and They Will Come
Strength and Speed
Project: Thank You, Part 2 is Ready to Go
Tech Notes

April 19, 1999
White Tops Maroon in Spring Game ... Sort Of
Friday Night at Greg Roberts

April 16, 1999
A Football Junkie's Fix, Just in Time
Tech Notes

April 14, 1999
Season Ticket Order Forms are in the Mail
Friday Night Pre-Spring Game Bash
Other Stuff: Sweet 16 T-shirts, Etc.

April 12, 1999
Spring Football: Offense Continues to Improve
Project: Thank You, Part 2

April 9, 1999
Spring Game Details
Spring Tailgate Details
Spring Scrimmage Details
Sweet 16 T-shirt Update
Members Only Storefront is Finally Open
Druck Under Seige

April 5, 1999
Spring Football Update
Stokes Still Drawing Rave Reviews from the RT-D
Non-Revenue Sports

April 1, 1999
Bonnie Signs Up for Five More Years
Big East Rumors Hit the Mainstream Media
HokieCentral Members Only Note

March 29, 1999
Hussey/Stokes Fallout: Two Different Viewpoints
Tech Notes

March 25, 1999
Ricky Stokes Hired as Tech's Head Coach

March 23, 1999
Bobby Hussey Dismissed as Head Coach

March 18, 1999
Once Again, Hokie Fans Pony Up for Tickets
Tennessee, the Big Dogs of Women's College Hoops
Spring Football Getting Ready to Kick Off

March 15, 1999
Tech vs. Auburn Notes

March 12, 1999
I'm Fwee!  I'm Fwee!
News of the Week

March 8, 1999
Hokies Seeded Fourth In East, Get to Host Coveted Sub-Regional
Okay, Now Here's the Rant
Tech Notes and a Correction

March 4, 1999
Tech Notes

March 2, 1999
If Speed Kills, the Hokies Ought to be Outlawed
Tech Notes

March 1, 1999
Bonnie's Troops Lose; NCAA's Next ... at Cassell?
Hokie Men Draw Fordham
Tech Notes

February 26, 1999
Hokie Women Dominate A-10 Honors
Tournament Info
Is Something Getting Ready to Happen With Tech and the Big East?
Tech Notes

February 23, 1999
Hokie Men Shooting for a #3 Seed
Women Get First Round Bye
Now This is Slick

February 17, 1999
Women Closing in on A-10 West Title
Tech Notes

February 15, 1999
Is That Molly Hatchet I Hear Playing?
Meanwhile, Bobby's Slumbering Troops Awaken
Tech Notes

February 9, 1999
How 'Bout Those Hokie Women?
How 'Bout Those Hokie Men?

February 4, 1999
Signing Day Goes Well

February 3, 1999
It's Signing Day: Harrison Verbals
Our Beloved Commish and the Big East's TV Deal
Surprising News on the Women's Basketball Rankings Front
One Millionth Hit Plateau is Reached

February 1, 1999
The Final Week of Recruiting
The End of a Streak
One Millionth Hit Contest

January 29, 1999
Women's Basketball: Down the Stretch They Come
Everybody Wants to Know This, So Here You Go

January 26, 1999
Hokie Hotline Notes
Bristol Motor Speedway Game: Could it Actually Happen?
Tech Notes

January 22, 1999
Recruiting: the Hokies are Learning How to Close
Tech Notes

January 20, 1999
Men's Basketball: It's Getting Ugly
Bonnie's Hokies vs. St. Joe's Friday and Temple Sunday
Greg Roberts to ISP

January 18, 1999
Foster Stays in Blacksburg
Recruiting: Football's Second Season is in Swing
The Tech Women: Sweet 16-and-Oh
Message Board Thoughts

January 14, 1999
A Hokie is Born

January 8, 1999
Men's Basketball: Signs of Life
Women's Hoops
The Foster Watch

January 4, 1999
Basking in the Aftermath
The Big East (Syracuse) Stinks up the BCS, Again
A Tale of Two Basketball Teams
1999 Membership Plan Announced

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