1997 News and Notes Archives

December 29, 1997
1998 HokieCentral Memberships Now Available
So, What About the Gator Bowl?

December 26, 1997
Doug Doughty's New Top 25 Recruiting List is Out
Okay, You're Right: Playing JMU is Better Than Playing Akron
HokieCentral Makes the Front Page of the Roanoke Times
Thanks for the Christmas Cards

December 23, 1997
Clemson, JMU Reappear on Hokies Football Schedules
Tech Gets Verbal From Hicks

December 22, 1997
WVU Basketball is a Tall Order for Young Hokies
Druck Plays an Entire Half in Niners Finale
Will's Got a Few Weeks Off!
Have a HokieCentral Christmas!

December 19, 1997
Ticket Totals Are Now Well Over 200
The Brawlin' Heels Will All Get to Play (Anybody Surprised?)
Hokie Songs

December 17, 1997
More Tickets Than You Can Shake Your Gobbler At
The Brawlin' Heels
Hokie Hotline Notes

December 16, 1997
Ticket Purchase Plans in Full Swing

December 15, 1997
Some HokieCentral Plans Are in the Works for Selling More Tickets
1997 Membership Offerings Coming to a Close

December 12, 1997
A Brief Update on Gator Bowl Ticket Sales

December 10, 1997
Suddenly, UVa's Concerned About Fairness
I Couldn't Be Happier With Bowl Selection
Thanks for the Compliment, Heels
Time to Go, Before I Have a Stroke

December 9, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

December 8, 1997
Hokies Return to the Gator Bowl
Hoopsters Awesome Over Weekend

December 5, 1997
The Bowl Outlook
Basketball Attendance Survey

December 3, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

November 20, 1997
It's $3.5 Million, Not $8 Million!
Future Schedules
Hokie Hotline Notes

November 16, 1997
Orangemen Win; Cavaliers Lose
An Important Fine Point About the Big East Tiebreaker

November 14, 1997
A Stale Basketball Exhibition Game Report
Mims Signs on the Dotted Line
A Little Beggin' for Contributions

November 12, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

November 6, 1997
Hurricanes in the Forecast
Tailgate Plans

November 4, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

October 31, 1997
Follow-up on Torgersen/Tranghese
A Mind-Blowing Quote

October 30, 1997
Notes About the Upcoming UAB Game
Rumors Are Flying About Hokies/Huskers
Go Paul, Go Paul!
Turkey Bites

October 28, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

October 23, 1997
Update on Shawn Scales
The Trash Man Cometh
A Statistical Breakdown, and Some Thoughts on the Game

October 21, 1997
Big East Recap
Looking Forward in the Big East
Bad News for Ace
UConn Votes To Go 1-A
Take Off to the Great White North ... and Play the Huskers, Eh?
As If You Needed It ... More Proof That AP Voters Are Morons
Hokie Hotline Notes

October 16, 1997
Cops and Robbers
Hokies Land Grundy Star Luke Owns
The Pirates' Ship is Sinking

October 14, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

October 10, 1997
Notes on the BC Game

October 8, 1997
Coach Grimes Rushed Into Surgery, Now Doing Okay
"Coach" Weaver on SportsTalk With John Hale

October 7, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

September 29, 1997
Another Rough Week for the Big East
My Take on the Dopey Scissors

September 25, 1997
Tech Pulls a Surprise, Names Weaver as AD
Injuries and the Weight Room

September 22, 1997
What a Difference a Year Makes
How About Those Owls? ... And Those Eagles? ... And Those Panthers?

September 19, 1997
The HokieCentral Tailgate
The Nebraska Lesson
VT Soccer Comes Back Down to Earth
Slip Into Your Thick Skin and Get Used to It
Here's Who I Want to Play

September 11, 1997
Some Thoughts on This Weekend's Game
Turkey Bites

September 8, 1997
Druck Gets a W in Pro Debut
A Chat With a Former Hokie
HokieCentral Tailgate Details

September 4, 1997
Druckenmiller to Start Against Rams on Sunday
Joe, Pressey Quit Football Team
Injury Report
Turkey Bites

August 25, 1997
Stats From Scrimmage #3
Syracuse Serves Notice

August 21, 1997
Stats From Scrimmage #2
A New Hokie Site Springs Up
This Web Site is on Fire

August 19, 1997
Scrimmage Stats
Now THIS is Fun
More Neat Stuff

August 15, 1997
Bryan Jennings Cut By Oilers

August 13, 1997
HokieCentral Receives Large Donation to Fund Syracuse Tailgate Party
Some Notes From a Bill Roth Radio Appearance

August 11, 1997
Freshmen Arrive
AP Poll Up to its Old Tricks
Druck Doing Well in San Francisco
One Last Note

August 8, 1997
Football Starts Up; Hokies Ranked #25 in Coaches Poll

August 5, 1997
Lamar Cobb Verbals to Tech

August 1, 1997
Druck, Niners Do the Deal
Follow Up to the 92.7/WMJS Story
Big East Media Day Lightly Reported on TV

July 30, 1997
Yes, Virginia Tech, There is a Radio Station in Northern Virginia
Shoddy Money Management by 49ers is Keeping Druck Out Of Training Camp

July 28, 1997
Bill Roth Signs New Three-Year Contract

July 21, 1997
Some New Web Sites to Watch
The Screaming Lizard Goes On-Line at Last
See You Next Week

July 16, 1997
Beamer Goes on SportsTalk With John Hale ... And Says Nothing

July 11, 1997
Larry Green's Return Adds Depth to Defensive Backfield

July 9, 1997
A Long, Sad Chapter of Hokie Football History Finally Ends

July 7, 1997
A Recap of Last Week's News
The Latest on NFL Hokies

July 2, 1997
Hokie Football Graduation Rate is Middle of the Pack
The Football TV Schedule at This Point

June 26, 1997
Carl Bradley Wins Ironman '97

June 23, 1997
Musings on Camm, David, Yubrenal, and Tyrone

June 19, 1997
UVa Stadium Expansion Has Tech Playing Catch-Up Again
The Gobbler is Coming on Board Soon

June 12, 1997
A Few More Thoughts on the AD Hiring Process
Mo' Members, Mo' Members
A Shameless Plug for the A-10 Hoop Report

June 10, 1997
Some 1993 Independence Bowl Notes

June 4, 1997
It's Official: the Hokies are Now Braine-Dead

June 3, 1997
The "Dave Braine Watch" Is On
HokieCentral.com and Hokie.com: Two Different Animals
Hoops Recruiting

May 31, 1997
Dave Braine Being Considered for Georgia Tech, Houston Vacancies
Sights and Sounds Are Starting to Roll In
Turkey Bites

May 28, 1997
The New Hokie Central Debuts...

May 24, 1997
1997 NCAA Baseball Tourney Results

May 20, 1997
Hokie Baseball Team to Face USC in Regional
Cornell Brown: Guilty

May 18, 1997
Hokie Baseball Team Sweeps the A-10 Tourney

May 15, 1997
Gentry Gets a Well-Deserved Promotion
Gone Fishin' -- Sort Of

May 8, 1997
Rhode Island Hoops Hires Harrick

May 6, 1997
Turkey Bites

May 2, 1997
Ford's Allegations Discovered to be Unfounded
Basketball Update
Two Way-Cool Photos

April 29, 1997
Crank Up the Grindstaff Hype Machine and Let 'Er Rip!
Best Tech/UVa Joke I've Heard in a While

April 24, 1997
Turkey Bites

April 22, 1997
Draftee and Free Agent Recap

April 20, 1997
Druck to the Niners, Torrian to the Vikings
Brian Edmonds Goes to Jail
HokieCentral Goes to the Spring Game

April 17, 1997
We Waited That Long for This?
Kiper Finally Gets Specific About Druckenmiller's Draft Destination

April 6, 1997
The Big Move is On
HokieCentral Has to Change Its Look
HokieCentral Spring Game Tailgate
Clark Plays Well in Second Scrimmage

April 4, 1997
Pedro Edison Arrested, Dismissed From Team

April 3, 1997
Druck Info Straight From N'Awlins
Carruth's Ride With the Bucks is Over
Web Site News

April 1, 1997
Ace Gets Scouts' Attention at All-Star Game
Orange Bowl Hospitality Chairman Full of Praise for Hokies
Football Team Holds First Scrimmage
Keener Returns to Tech as Hussey's Assistant

March 28, 1997
Tic Price Named Coach at Memphis
Hokies Pound Radford Again
The Move is Coming Soon

March 27, 1997
Druck Gets a Look From Strock and Ditka
Edmond Will Suffer No Further Punishment
Hokie Baseball on a Roll
Student Found Dead at Lane Stadium

March 25, 1997
Edmond First to be Convicted
Hokies Show Tony Morrison the Door
Last Week's Off the Field News
Last Week's On the Field News
Excellent Info From the Screaming Lizard
Internet Happenings

March 19, 1997
Carruth Saga Continues
Where's the Coach?
Turkey Bites

March 18, 1997
Harrison Acquitted; Hawkes Trial Delayed
Hokie Hotline Notes
Spring Football Preview
Spring Game Get-Together?
Late Breaking Carruth News

March 17, 1997
Message Board Down Temporarily
Recap of Last Week's News
St. Joe's Lone Remaining A-10 Team in NCAA Tourney

March 15, 1997
Vote for the Hokie Bird!
Hey Beavis (heh-heh) ... CBS SportsLine is Cool!
Goodbye, Mailbag, We Knew You Well

March 12, 1997
Happy Birthday, HokieCentral!
The Future of This Not-So-Humble Web Site

March 11, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

March 8, 1997
JJ Cruises Blacksburg for Future Draft Choices

March 4, 1997
Troy's "Career High"
Hokie Hotline Notes
Number 20

February 25, 1997
Tech Puts New Athletic Behavior Policies in Place
Bad Blood in Tech/Duquesne Game
Hokies and Hoos Ready to Go

February 23, 1997
Hokies Dump Dukes
Channel 7 Does it to Me Again
Turkey Bites

February 21, 1997
News On the Edmonds/Crawford Pre-Trial Hearing
Tech Set to Adopt Uniform Discipline Standards for Athletes

February 18, 1997
Hokie Hotline Notes

February 17, 1997
Big East Notes
Turkey Bites

February 14, 1997
All's Quiet on the Hokie Front
The Guys in Stripes Are Stinking Up the Court

February 12, 1997
It was Troy, Not Brendan
Big East News

February 9, 1997
The New Football Schedule is Released
Show Me the Money

February 6, 1997
Hokies/Colonials One for the Ages
Robertson and Other New Hokies Sign
Bill Roth Wins Sportscaster of the Year in Virginia -- Again!
The Latest on the Edmonds/Crawford Case
Our Basketball Schedule Isn't Helping Our Attendance

February 4, 1997
Robertson Narrows It Down ... (gulp) to Tech and UVa
A Plug for the Texas Steakhouse
A New Message Board is Up
Don't Trust That Football Schedule on the Home Page

February 2, 1997
Hokies Storm Back to Defeat Dayton
No, Shut Up ... Because I Think YOU Suck
Basketball Notes

January 31, 1997
Isabelle Reportedly Commits to UVa

January 29, 1997
Wake Crushes Hokies
My Word, they DID Run It!
More About Isabelle

January 28, 1997
Isabelle Commits to Tech
Greg Melvin Brawl Case Dismissed
SEC Talk - Again
Hokie Hotline Notes

January 24, 1997
Murray State Hires Oklahoma Assistant
Hokies Defeat Liberty

January 23, 1997
In Case You Missed It
Signing Date is Two Weeks Away
HokieCentral Scores Another Coup

January 19, 1997
HokieCentral Joins Conference Press Publishing
Druck Puts in a Decent Showing at the Senior Bowl
Rams Thrash Hokies at Cassell

January 18, 1997
Bustle Staying Put
That's Embarrassing
My, How Times Have Changed

January 16, 1997
Senior Bowl and Hula Bowl This Weekend
Turkey Bites

January 13, 1997
Hokies Pound UMass on the Road
No More News About Foster and Bustle
Football Team Lands Two More Florida Recruits
Kiper Likes Druckenmiller and Gray

January 9, 1997
The Annual Migration of the Assistant Coaches Has Begun
News About Former Hokie Football Players

January 7, 1997
New Message Board for HokieCentral
What's Next, Recruiting Kids Out of Middle School?
Some Nebraska Fans Had a Good Reason

January 5, 1997
New Format for HokieCentral
Xavier Crushes Hokie Hoops Team
Hokies Land Another Player from PA (Matt Wincek)

January 3, 1997
Hokies Land the Next Bryan Jennings
ESPN and ABC Should Just "Get a Room!"

January 2, 1997
Huskers Pile-Drive Hokies Into Submission
The Post-Game Press Was Fairly Nice
I'm Bumming
1997 Schedule Announced

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