1996 News and Notes Archives

December 29, 1996
Cornell Appears to be Okay After Injury
Would You Kill to Have Mack on Your Team, or What?
Switch to U.S. Internet Progressing Nicely -- So Far
Feeling Sarcastic Here at HokieCentral

December 23, 1996
Well, That Went About As Well As Expected

December 22, 1996
HokieCentral is Moving Soon
NRVNet's Mail Server is Down

December 21, 1996
Conaty Speaks His Mind
One of These Days, We'll Talk Football Again

December 18, 1996
Those Awesome Reporters at Channel 7
Edmonds and Crawford Suspended -- While the Plot Thickens

December 16, 1996
Edmonds and Crawford Arrested for Rape
Kishbaugh -- Has He Given Up Football?

December 15, 1996
Hokies Winning Battle of the Ticket Sales
Hoops Goes Down to Georgia

December 14, 1996
I Knew That Would Get to You

December 12, 1996
Here's Something That Shouldn't Surprise You
Cornell Makes AP 2nd-Team All America

December 11, 1996
Bowl Tickets Moving Briskly
Hokie Hoops Trying to Find Their Way
Husker Links and a Comment About the Game
Whither the Bowl Money?
Another Plug for the Hokie Handbook
About Advance Auto

December 9, 1996
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Orange Bowl...
Yes, Other Things Did Happen This Weekend

December 6, 1996
Orange Bowl Info

December 5, 1996
Postseason Honors Pour In
Beamer Out of Running for Alabama Job
VT-Florida a Near Lock
Tiki the Hokie?
Shayne Graham's Status Still Uncertain
NCAA Stats
Sagarin's Computer Needs Help

December 3, 1996
UVa Game Analysis
Bowl News
Hokie Pros

December 2, 1996
AP Pollsters Try to Kiss and Make Up

December 1, 1996
Basketball Page Now Up

November 30, 1996

November 27, 1996
UVa Game Preview
UVa Jokes
All Kidding Aside

November 26, 1996
WVU Game Analysis Posted

November 25, 1996
Heeeeeerre Now! Hokies Pound WVU
All Right, You Know What Time it Is...
A Slight Change Here at Hokie Central

November 22, 1996
Border Brawl
The Hokie Handbook
Quick Hits

November 21, 1996
Scales is the Man
Hokie Stats
The Fighting Gobbler
CBS -- Callous Broadcasting System
Nice Job, Roanoke Times
Miscellaneous Notes

November 20, 1996
And Now, for Something a Little Different...

November 19, 1996
Miami Game Analysis Posted

November 18, 1996
I'm Telling You, Don't Schedule the Hokies for Homecoming!
The Polls: Exactly What Does "AP" Stand For?
Another Hokie Web Site
An Interesting Request
One Last Thing About the Miami Game

November 15, 1996
A Few Last Notes About Tech/Miami
Weird Stuff I Heard About Through Email
Surprise, Surprise!

November 13, 1996
About Miami
Some More Thoughts on the ECU Game
Other Miscellaneous News Items

November 12, 1996
ECU Game Analysis Posted
Banks Doubtful for Miami
Hokie Hoopsters Win Exhibition

November 11, 1996
Hokies Whack Pirates, Move up in Polls

November 6, 1996
Indictments Handed Down Against 8 Players
Black Wednesday
Crandell's Status

November 5, 1996
SW Louisiana Game Report Posted
Crandell -- In or Out?
Orangemen Rolling
The Mystery End Zone
More Poll Madness

November 4, 1996
Hokies Dispatch of SW Louisiana, Reappear in Top 25
The Tiebreaker Question Answered
Where to Get the Bumer Sticker
UVa -- Ugh?
Who Was That Guy?

November 1, 1996
Cornell Finalist for Lombardi Trophy
Miscellaneous Items

October 31, 1996
Grand Jury to Meet Next Wednesday
More About Jennings
That Kiper's a Genius
SW Louisiana
Other News

October 30, 1996
Shhh! Quiet! Somebody Will Hear You!
Wade Featured in USA Today Article
Hokie Huddler On-Line ... Sort of
The Big East Tiebreaker

October 29, 1996
Hokies Slip Past Pitt; WVU Stunned at Home
Morrison, Thomas Out Indefinitely
Hokies in the Pros
Another Hokie Page
Quote of the Week

October 16, 1996
Hokie Central is on Hiatus
Ace Looking Good

October 15, 1996
Hokies Smash Owls
Oxendine Big East Player of the Week
Where Was Cornell?
Hospital Visits
Some Observations About the Polls

October 10, 1996
Ace Goes Under the Knife
Ford Kicked Off the Football Team
Hokies on the Duece
Punt Team Correction
Temple: A Points Explosion?
Well, Excuse Me
One Last Note

October 8, 1996
Cornell Out 3-4 Weeks With Injury
Parker Reinstated
Quote of the Week
Other Notes

October 3, 1996
Running the Guantlet
A Peanuts Funny
Correction Regarding Robert Adams
Boring Stuff

October 1, 1996
The Hokie Hotline Show, the Day After

September 30, 1996
Orangemen Smash Hokies

September 27, 1996
Parker to Redshirt?
Props From Texas

September 26, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 25, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 24, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 23, 1996
Hokies Cruise Past Rutgers
Hokie Central Reacts by Updating Format

September 19, 1996
Ace Injures Knee Again
George Welsh, Speaking His Mind

September 17, 1996
Notes From Boston

September 13, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 12, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 11, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 10, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 9, 1996
Turkey Bites

September 8, 1996
Hokies in Trouble Off, On Field

September 5, 1996
Foster to Retire After Next Season
Edmonds Suspended
Listen to the Game on Audionet

September 1, 1996
The Big East, Week One
Turkey Bites

August 26, 1996
Scrimmage Report

August 22, 1996
Complaint Department
News About the New Guys
Welcome to School, Shayne
He Must Have Eaten His Wheaties
Basketball Team Lives and Learns
Hokie Central on the Road

August 18, 1996
Gee, I Didn't Know That!
Help, I've Created a Monster!

August 14, 1996
Football Team Conducts Annual Media Day

August 11, 1996
Season Tickets are Here!
Hokies in Strange Places
In Case You Missed It

August 8, 1996
Turkey Bites

August 5 1996
Watching the People Who Watch the Hokies

July 28, 1996
Good News and Bad News (Mostly Bad)

July 24, 1996
The Future of Hokie Central
Boy, is it SLOOOW Around Here

July 14, 1996
Turkey Bites; Season Tickets and More

July 11, 1996
All Kindsa News About Former Hokies
Let's Put This SEC Thing to Bed

July 2, 1996
There's a New Sheriff in Town at Miami
Turkey Bites

June 28, 1996
Beamer Gives Some Back
Tragedy at the Cassell

June 25, 1996
All Things Athlon

June 17, 1996
Frankie's Beamin' for Five More Years
The Hokie Bird: Mere Mortal, or Mascot God?
The Amherst Pipeline Spits Out Another Star for Tech (Camm Jackson)
Turkey Bites

April 30, 1996
Hokies Get Commitment From Pre-Schooler (David Pugh)
Del Ricco Parties and Brings Down the House -- Literally
Hokie Free Agents Galore

April 23, 1996
Spring Football Game Report
Still, Price Get Drafted

April 16, 1996
Anybody Wanna Watch TV?

April 9, 1996
The (Hokie) Bird is the Word
News Flash: Dave Braine is Going Insane!
What to Expect From the O-Line Next Year

April 2, 1996
BC QB Hartsell to Bow Out
More Recruiting Notes
Hey, You! Buy Season Tickets!

March 26, 1996
Spring Football Practice is Now in Session
Injury Update
Next Year in Hokie Hoops

March 19, 1996
Well, After All, They Are Kentucky
The Worst Part About Playing Kentucky
Was This a Good Year ... Or Not?
See Ya, Fellas

March 12, 1996
The Hokies Get Screwed ... Again
Hokie Stuff is Hot Stuff

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